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公司企业地址: 临河街5016号 公司邮编: 130000
招聘专线电话: 所属行业: 教育/培训/文化艺术
招聘专线传真: 公司所在地: 吉林 长春
招聘电子邮件: doreen.doucc@ef.com 招聘联系人: Doreen
公司网址: 招聘QQ:
企业全称: 长春市英之辅语言培训中心 公司类型: 私营/民营
公司企业简介: 未填写


工作方式: 全职 职业分类: 文体/教育/培训 发布日期: 2017年10月5日
招聘地点: 吉林 长春 学历要求: 本科 工作经验: 无要求
职位月薪: 10000 招聘人数: 10
职位名称: 英语母语外教    

EF is the leading education provIDEr in the world, with EF Changchun being one of the most well-established franchises, with four schools spread across the city.
Each center is modern in design and well-equipped with the latest technology such as interactive whiteboards, electronic teaching resources and multimedia support.
Our centers use EF’s own courses and materials, designed for teaching students aged between 3 and 18 years old.
EF Changchun currently employs over 50 foreign teachers and provides on-going training and support to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable working environment.
Teachers are provided with continuous training and professional DEVelopment, with opportunities for promotion to Senior Teacher or DireCTOr of Studies for those wishing to stay with us for a longer period of time. However long you stay here, you can be sure to feel both challenged and well supported.

招聘联系人: Doreen
电子邮件: doreen.doucc@ef.com
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